VEN-SET 11-MB - Veneto Bath Shower Set 11 Matte Black

Sale price$630.00 CAD


Featuring VEN-SET 11-MB with square showerhead, mixer and hand shower in matte black. Our designers hand-picked these shower components to create a set that looks good all the way through so you don’t have to. Buy it as a set or buy the components individually. This set includes all of these items listed. Search for an item’s product code on our site if you are looking to purchase components individually. Shower set includes rough-in.


Featured Items

 Shower Item Description Price
VEN-DPG2511-BL 10" x 10" matte black shower head square 240.00
VEN-3LG-BL Square shower arm 15" 70.00
VEN-LTA010-MBL 2 function mixer, PBV, square handle 225.00
VEN-CST1003MB Matte Black spout 6" square 95.00



View Mixer (VEN-LTA010-M) Installation Guide

View Tub Spout (VEN-CST1003-BL) Specifications 

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