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   Having a general knowledge of how high you need to mount bathroom accessories or fixtures is important in a bathroom remodel. Even if you’re not a designer, understanding height placements for a towel bar or vanity is good to make those accessories functional. The height of our counter or shelf isn’t really noticeable until it becomes inconvenient so it’s good to get a sense of these measurements before you lay down any serious groundwork.


Towel Bars

   Towel bars come in sizes ranging from 18”, 24”, or 32”. Considering that they are one of the larger accessories to be mounted on a wall, they deserve a place that accommodates their wide span. Towel bars should be at a height of 42”- 48” inches off the ground to keep them at an arm’s reach and to keep larger towels off the floor.

wall mounted towel bar height dimension


Towel Rings

   Hand towels for a guest bath or powder room can be hung on towel rings that are mounted close to the vanity for easy hand drying. When mounting them, the bottom of the ring should sit 20” above the countertop (or about 50” from the floor) to give space for the towel to hang.


black towel ring height dimensions

Robe Hooks

  These hooks are a must-have accessory for any bathroom because they bring so much utility in a small package. Mount them individually or in groups - either way they are great at holding towels and robes and keeping them close if it’s by your shower or wet room. Keep your shower hooks at about 60” in height and 9” apart from each other to give them space and from hitting the floor.


robe hook height dimensions

Toilet Paper Holder

   Toilet paper holder should be installed at about 26” high, lining up with the height of most toilet tanks. The center of the toilet paper should sit 8” - 12” away from the front rim of the toilet for a comfortable reach. Holders can also be mounted on the vanity, about 8” down from the countertop and 8” away from the toilet if you’re lacking space. 


toilet paper holder height dimension

Shower Heads and Mixers

   Shower heads should sit high enough to simulate a gentle rainfall but not too low that you have to crouch. It also needs to project far enough for someone to be under comfortably without being close to the wall. The ideal height of most rain heads is around 72” - 78”, but the height can vary depending on the height of the user. Shower mixers should sit at a comfortable height of around 40-50” so water and temperature adjustment is easily an arm away. 


shower mixer and shower head height dimension

Wall Mounted Vanities

   Mount floating vanities high enough for you to use the sink without straining your back. Vanities sit at about 30”- 32” in height but they can also be 34” for a more comfortable experience. Give at least 5” of gap space at each end of the vanity for a ‘centred’ look. If you’re installing a wall-mounted vanity from us, click here for our installation instructions.


wall mounted vanity height dimension

Mounted Vanity Faucets

 Wall-mounted faucets create a contemporary element to your bathroom, but they have a tendency to splash water if mounted too high. Mount them at around 3” - 6” high from the countertop to reduce splashing. Anything 8” or higher gives you more room to work under, but it also increases the frequency of water splashing up.


wall mounted faucet height dimension



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