Things You Should Consider Before You Purchase a Rain Head Shower


   You may not always be able to stay in a hotel with 5-star amenities, but that shouldn’t stop you from making your bathroom a treat to escape to. One of the many highlights of a luxurious hotel bathroom is the rainfall shower because of its unforgettable soaking experience, and luckily, that’s something you can upgrade to give your bathroom some class. Before you buy, consider these factors:

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Size and Shape 

   Most of them come in a square or round design with sizes that are typically 8”, 10”, 12”, or 16” in diameter. Going with a larger head requires more water pressure to cover its surface area so consider that as part of your decision. Rain heads are designed to create a gentle cascade so anything above 12” with low water pressure and you’ll notice a difference in water trickle. Consider the area around your shower as well and make sure that it keeps the water from spraying into unwanted areas in your bathroom.


Shower Head Raining water in steamy bathroom


Functionality: Not for Everyone

   This luxurious rainfall experience may not be to everyone’s liking for practical reasons. Soap can take forever to rinse off because of its slow trickle design or maybe you just like keeping your hair dry so having water pour directly overhead is not ideal. For those reasons, you could install a handheld for additional control and functionality.


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   Shower rain heads can come in either a round or square shape and you can’t go wrong with either. An 8” head is wide enough to immerse yourself in water so the shape really depends on how the rest of the room looks. Do you have angular shapes that come from your vanity and bathroom fixtures? Perhaps square is the better shape if you want a cohesive design throughout. 

Ceiling or Wall Mounted?

  Having a ceiling mount is a great option if you have lots of shower space where you can center the plumbing. You won’t have much maneuverability with wall-mounted showers but if you already have one and don’t want to redirect any plumbing, this is still a solid option.



Type of Finish

    Matte black for a dramatic effect, brushed metals for a textured appearance, or a timeless chrome finish? The finish is up to you but your fixture should depend on matching with the rest of your hardware. If you can’t match, it’s not a total deal-breaker. Even mixing materials can look good as long as they complement each other.


bathroom with golden shower fixtures

Bathroom Design

    Will your new bathroom fitting go well with the rest of your bathroom? If you’re set on upgrading a shower head, matching it with the rest of the room is key to achieving a balanced design. Choreograph it with the rest of the shower fixtures in your bathroom remodel so it’s not just an afterthought in your plans.

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   Rain heads can be mounted flush to the ceiling or mounted with a shower arm that connects to the wall or ceiling. Shower arms are bought separately from the head so make sure you do your own research on what comes with your product so you’re not left waiting for ‘missing’ parts.



   If you’re looking for a budget, inexpensive rain heads can be around $50-150. More durable ones can average around $200-$500 and of course, larger heads/luxurious brands can reach in the higher hundreds to thousands.



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