types of faucets for your bathroom sink title card

   Faucet shopping is tricky. A range of options is available in different styles, finishes, and colours to match & complete the rest of your bathroom. What type of faucets can you get and what do they come in? It's not a definitive list, but here are some common types of faucets that you can get for your bathroom!


Center Set Faucets

  Centerset faucets have 2 faucets and a spout on a single deck plate mount to fit 3 holes on a basin, where the left and right holes are 4” apart, centre to centre. They are the easiest to install considering that it all comes in one unit and is another fantastic space-saving faucet because of their fairly slim profile. One caveat, however, is that water can pool around the base and develop hard water deposits that make cleaning around it difficult.

centre set faucet with a goose neck and brushed nickel finish


Single-Handle / Single Hole Faucets

  Single-hole faucets mount to a countertop with one pre-drilled hole and are designed with one handle that controls the water flow and temperature. Tight on space? This faucet is excellent at keeping a minimalist, modern look with reduced use of countertop space. The best part is that it’s pretty convenient since you don’t need to use your hands to operate the faucet knobs. Are single-hole faucets your thing? Visit our collection of single-hole faucets.

chrome single hole vanity faucet in a modern bathroom


Widespread Faucets

   The faucet that you’d imagine you’d see in larger bathrooms. Widespread faucets are suited for countertops with 3 pre-drilled holes where the left hole and right hole sit 8” apart from each other, centre to centre. If you’ve got a large vanity with plenty of space, this can bump up the luxury factor. Widespread faucets come in three pieces so they can get difficult to clean around. The two faucets also make it less convenient when you wash your hands, but having individual valves makes temperature regulation and controlling water flow as precise as you need it to be.

chrome widespread faucet in a white bathroom


Wall-Mounted Bathroom Faucets

   If you’re less into conventional and looking for something contemporary, these are something to consider. The faucets are mounted on the wall and behind the sink so not only are they generous on the counter space, but they are also very easy on the eyes. Unlike deck-mounted faucets, wall-mounted faucets don’t develop hard-water deposits so cleaning the counter is super easy to do. These faucets are installed differently - since the plumbing lines are coming through the wall and not the sink, they require specific rough-in pieces so they need to be planned in advance and installed during the early stages of renovation. Saving on space? We've got wall-mounted faucets as well!


wall mounted chrome faucet on top of a light oak floating vanity


Finishes - What Finish is Right For Me?

Apart from its configuration, faucets come in many different finishes. And depending on how your bathroom looks, it may or may not look good with the rest of it. Here are some common bathroom finishes and what situations they could look good in.


Chrome - The All Around Standard Finish

   Chrome has been around for many years and is usually the go-to option for many bathrooms because of its versatility. Its shiny, reflective quality makes it blend well with the rest of your decor so it is a fairly safe finish with a subtle touch. Chrome is very easy to maintain and clean, however, they are prone to showing water spots and fingerprints easily so frequent cleaning may be necessary if you to keep its shine. See our collection of chrome faucets.


chrome single handle faucet in a modern bathroom


Brushed Nickel - Warm, Classic & Some Versatility

   An alternative to polished chrome, brushed nickel’s soft metallic look is just as durable as any other finishes. It’s not reflective as chrome, but maybe that’s a good thing considering it’s easier to clean and it doesn’t show fingerprints or water spots. Brushed nickel hardware can work with any style if you can get the right silhouette, but it is not as versatile as chrome. It prefers warm-colored bathrooms because of its warm tone, and its dull, matted quality gives it an antique feel more suited for traditional bathrooms.

brushed nickel center set faucet with running water



Matte Black - The Statement Maker

 Known for its bold and dramatic qualities, matte black is increasingly a popular choice for modern bathrooms. Like brushed nickel, it is durable, long-lasting and it doesn’t show any fingerprints and water spots. Matte black tends to be more expensive and it is picky on how it matches, but handle it with care and it’ll make your bathroom stand out for years to come!


matte black bathroom faucet turned on with no water