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Springtime is here and the weather is still not as warm as we’d like it to be. For us, that means uncomfortably chilly bathrooms in the mornings and nights where you use them the most. And who wants to walk in a cold bathroom in the middle of the night?  While we’re waiting for warmer weather to kick in, keep your bathroom feeling toasty with these ideas!

Warm Up Your Bath Towels

Nothing like warm towels to keep toasty. Before you shower, place them over your heater, or if it’s laundry day, run your towels in the dryer for 20 minutes. If you’re looking to invest in convenience, electric towel warmers are a great option - and they can also double as space heaters!


Sunshine as Space Heaters

Take advantage of your windows by opening up the blinds and letting sunshine through. Your bathroom will benefit from the natural warmth of the sun and increase the room’s temperature (even if it’s ever so slightly), especially if you have a south-facing window!


Invest in Heated Bathroom Floors

The sensation of stepping on an icy bathroom floor after a shower is more than enough to keep you shivering. For those with a big renovation budget, heated floors are something to consider. During a renovation, heated electric mats are placed on the ground with a thin layer of mortar and your choice of tile on top. The resulting heated floor system is hidden, un-intrusive, and increases your quality of life.


Warm and Cozy Bathroom Rugs

   For a budget-friendly alternative to built-in floor heating, invest in some fluffy rugs! Placing them where you step out after a shower or bath is great for drying off your feet and avoiding the cool bathroom floor.


Add Splashes of Warm Colour to Your Bathroom

   Colours can affect how you perceive a room. Tones like blues and whites condition you to think that a room feels cool. Reds, yellows, or whites with warmer undertones, on the other hand, make you believe it’s warm and pleasant. Earthy tones and organic textures like wood veneers are also a great way to make a space feel warm and cozy.


Introduce Warm Lighting or Candles

   Lighting also plays a role in adding warmth to a bathroom. Fluorescent bulbs are great at ambient lighting, but their white light makes a room feel cool. Incandescent and tungsten bulbs, on the other hand, give off a warmer aura. Candles are great at mood lighting and also fall within the warm temperature range, but make sure it’s not anywhere near flammable objects!


Keep Humidity From Escaping

    Hot showers are great at generating steam and humidity. If the bathroom exhaust is on, the heated air gets pulled out and the overall humidity and temperature levels lower. Turn off the exhaust when you shower to keep the tropical temperatures in.


Houseplants Are Your Friends

Believe it or not, house plants keep your bathroom warm! Plants release moisture and humidity in the air so the more you have, the warmer the bathroom feels. Plus, they have the added benefit of bringing your bathroom to life as decor wherever you place them. Humidity-loving plants will especially thrive in a bathroom environment.