What to Do With a Small Bathroom


Even in 2022 the question of what to do with a small bathroom is constantly searched on the internet.  Whether it’s a condo owner, older homeowner or even a new home build tiny bathrooms are a problem everywhere. How do you make the space functional?  How do you have storage? How do you make it feel bigger than it is?  Well, we have the answers below on what you can add or change that will transform it into the bathroom of your dreams even if it is a smaller space. Consider the following:


The adage that white paint makes a room feel bigger and dark paint makes a room feel smaller is true because of the amount of light it reflects.  A lighter colour reflects more light and thus makes a space feel bigger. This doesn’t mean it needs to be a boring white bathroom, could try a near white, a light blue, light green, a light grey, you get the idea. Or you could use white and use your vanity and shower curtains and other elements in the room to add a nice contrast.  Another thought is to bring wood into the space or soft coloured tiles on a single wall as an accent wall. 

blue vanity contrasted with wooden bathroom wall tiles

Wall Mounted Vanities

Small bathrooms can look smaller with a vanity that is too large for the space. Perhaps you have a pedestal sink and no storage space.   A great solution for both issues is a wall mounted vanity.  Or at least a smaller vanity.  It also can add a real modern touch and because of the open bottom it deceptively gives the room a more open look and feel.  A wall mounted vanity still allows for storage and the essentials whether you prefer cupboards or drawers. 


floating vanity MC 600E in natural oak veneer

Ditch The Tub

Tubs in small bathrooms are usually the standard small tub & shower configuration, which is really not that appealing unless you have small children.  The trend is to build shower enclosures that can take a smaller amount of space than a typical standard bathtub takes up.  And you won’t miss the tub when you see the options you can add to your shower that allows for a spa like experience. Shower panels and shower systems offer multiple jets and shower heads including a rain fall shower and shower handle.  And the extra room saved can allow for a larger vanity with additional storage.

If you can’t ditch the tub consider adding sliding glass doors in place of a curtain.  Nothing makes a bathroom feel smaller and darker than a curtain.  Glass sliding doors open the space and makes the room instantly feel larger and modern.

Non-Polished Chrome Faucets & Fixtures

A bathroom full of shiny hardware is out.  The trends are leaning more towards matte nickel and chrome faucets as well as coloured faucets such as black faucets.  Matching lighting, shower and door fixtures also help complete this theme. It’s another way to add some colour to the lighter décor and add to the modern feel of the room.  The lack of shiny fixtures also helps make a small bathroom feel bigger.

FA 8X321B1 product shot

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors can certainly make a space feel more open and you could add more than one mirror if you have the available wall space in your small bathroom.  Even consider one on the back of your door so when the door is closed the space feels bigger.  

Another great option is to add LED mirrors that provide another light source, which look modern and are perfect for applying make up.  Some even have Bluetooth connections for playing music from your phone. 


led round mirror in small bathroom


Skirted Toilets

Most people don’t any thought to the toilet in their bathroom, but toilets have come a long way from the one model suits all. New features such as wall mounted toilets and skirted toilets can add a modern element in your small bathroom while also making the space look smaller. Wall mounted toilets, like wall mounted vanities, give the illusion of more open space.  A skirted toilet takes up the same amount of space as a standard toilet but fills the open space with a full bowl.  Visually it’s very modern and more condensed and can leave the room looking larger and certainly more modern.

skirter toilet modern bathroom


Lighting Your Small Bathroom

Bathroom lighting has come a long way from the standard strip lighting that adorned every bathroom in the past. Sconces and other modern bathroom lighting can easily make the space feel larger and provide ambient lighting that sets the mood.

Gold sconce over bathroom vanity


Dimmer switches can adjust the level of light for any time of the day. Tired after a long day and want to take a relaxing shower? Dim the lights. Need to get ready for a night on the town? Turn them up to perfectly complete your make up. 


No matter how small your bathroom is there are options. If you aren’t ready for a full renovation, you could take on the tasks one at a time. Start with something simple like painting, then replacing the mirrors or lighting fixtures, then the vanity and sink, then the toilet etc.  It will make the project more affordable and won’t bring on the need for a full renovation if that may not be in the cards for you.