floating vanity with double black oval mirrors

   While bathroom mirrors have a pragmatic function to your daily routine, they also serve as subtle design elements that do so much for so little. A mirror hung on a wall adds depth, making spaces feel larger and brighter. But just because a bathroom mirror blends in and feels ‘invisible’ doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with them. Finding one with the right design features can complement the look of your bathroom and elevate your space! Don’t know what to look for? Here are some bathroom mirror ideas that can stylize your surroundings.


The Decorative Antique Mirror

   Antique doesn’t have to mean antiquated in style. A mirror framed with a baroque floral pattern brings it front and centre, giving your bathroom the charming essence of an older era.

round antique brass mirror over vessel sink


The LED Mirror

  Mirrors of the future. Mirrors with built-in LED lighting are great at adding extra bells and whistles to an already modern bathroom. With LEDs, you can do away with uneven lighting & harsh shadows that light fixtures produce in favour of backlit lighting that evenly illuminates your face. With some features like anti-fog and thermostat, it adds that extra sense of convenience to your routine.

 LED mirror over veneto bath floating vanity MC 600A

The Frameless Bathroom Mirror

   One thing a frameless mirror is effective at doing is making a space seamlessly look spacious. In small bathrooms, a frameless mirror hung over your vanity fills in the blanks without disrupting visual continuity. Case in point - the mirror appears to blend in these walls in this all white bathroom!


frameless bathroom mirror over white bathroom vanity


The Oversized & Frameless Mirror

   Take a frameless bathroom mirror, exaggerate its proportions and you can get spectacular results. Just look at how this mirror extends (almost) wall to wall to ceiling to double the space and bring in all of this light!


oversized led mirror over Veneto Bath double vanity MC 1400J


The Minimal Framed Mirror Vanity

   A frameless mirror blends in the space. But when you want something to “complete the look”, a minimally designed mirror frame brings subtle visual interest to your wall. Just make sure the material & colour blends in with the rest of your bathroom’s aesthetic.


matte black framed bathroom mirror Veneto Bath MR 2837-2FB over Veneto Vanity MC 690M



The Gold Framed Mirror

   Shiny & extravagant with all the drama. For anybody who isn’t afraid to jazz up their bathroom with opulence, golden-framed mirrors a surefire way to make a bold statement.


gold framed mirror with gold lighting fixtures over white basin vanity


The Round Mirror

   Soften up angular shapes with round mirrors to give a pleasing sense of contrast. Take notes of this powder room and how it uses the mirror along with other circular elements to balance the straight lines of the slat walls and basin.

round wooden frame mirror over small white basin in powder room 


The Oval & Ovoid Mirror

   A similar concept to ‘softening up spaces’ with rounded elements. Ovals & ovoids break up angular elements in the bathroom and can be hung up horizontally or vertically. Hang them vertically if you want to emphasize height or if you’re running low on wall space.

 oval mirror over veneto bath vanity mc 1000M with hexagon tile backsplash



The Mirror with Shelf For Storage

   Mirrors with multiple functions is always a bonus. A stylish wooden framed vanity brings a bit of warmth to this bathroom - but why not use it as a way to store decoration and/or essentials too, like this very essential bit of green!


Veneto bath walnut framed mirror MR 1200H with shelf Vanity MC 1200H


The Vertical Mirror

   Bathroom with high ceilings? A lengthy vertical mirror works wonders to emphasize the height of your space and is slim enough to fit in narrow ones. Compact bathrooms can take advantage of this height defining mirror.


Vertical black mirror over corner basin in powder room


The Double Vanity, Double Mirror Combo

   Double sinks mean double mirrors, and what’s another good way to add a stylish sense of symmetry to your setting? Mirrors over each sink also free up the wall space in between to allow for visually exciting elements like sconce lighting to be placed.


floating double vanity with double black oval mirrors


The Double Vanity, Single Mirror Combo

   On the contrary, a double sink with a large mirror over makes a room feel spacious and gives you more reflective surfaces to work with.

large rectangle black frame mirror over black double vanity 


The Hanging Round Mirror

   Modern, playful, and soothing. Make this a stylish wall addition that rounds out your surroundings and draws your eyes to extend the space vertically.

round hanging mirror over floating white vanity


The 'No Need For a Mirror' Option

   When your bathroom comes together nicely, sometimes the only reflection you want is to take in the space sans mirror. It’s a bold choice, but it’s most effective in small powder rooms with a lot of visually interesting elements.


 powder room with no mirror and walnut veneto bath basin BA 376


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